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Other countries, other customs. We must admit, nevertheless, some flavors are so tasty and unforgettable, that reconcile the whole world. It is enough to close the eyes and imagine a home-made Puglia burrata cheese or the unmistakable flavor of cold-pressed olives. If you want to enjoy the experience of breakfast and brunch at “Così Com’Era”, here some info.

A rich international sweet/salty set price buffet is always available, including cafeteria. What’s more, you can have a look at special proposals in the a la carte menu, both for breakfast and brunch.

Così com'era's food proposals are suggestions of genuine taste to start the day. We are waiting for you at the bar with hot and cold drinks to wish you a good awakening.

Sweet proposals

Sweet breakfast in Alberobello

They include pies, donuts and cakes prepared with season ingredients. In order to enjoy hot drinks better, in addition to different-flavored croissants, we suggest our Grandma’s Biscuit in the classic version, with cocoa and vegan with buckwheat flour. or people, who do not like sweets, but look for an awakening full of energy, we make homemade sugar-free yogurt. Panna cotta, jams, fresh and dry fruits are always available.

Salty Proposals

Salty breakfast in Alberobello

At the buffet you will find salty proposals selected to guarantee a full and genuine meal: local salami and dairy products, eggs, bruschette and different kinds of bread. They say the shining sun makes the day a golden bun, some extra-virgin olive oil, the gold of our land will make your experience richer.

Farmer’s Brunch

Farmer’s Brunch in Alberobello

This is our meal dedicated to the local break, just as they did once to replace lunch, when work in the countryside prevented farmers to have a lunch at home. In addition to our breakfast buffet, there are available local traditional recipes.

A la carte menu

In addition to the buffet, both for breakfast and brunch, Così com’era has some special proposals. Let yourself de light with our yogurt bowls with fresh fruit and home-made muesli or Puglia-style pancake with almond flour and honey or vin brulé. Ask for a menu and we will be able to meet every need.

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